What can we do for you?


We want you to be happy with your birth, so we offer a variety of services.  When choosing, the most important factors to consider are:

Where do you want to have the baby?
BetterBirth birth centers provide a supremely comfortable spa-like environment in which to give birth.  There are queen-sized beds, fireplaces and fully stocked kitchens to help you relax and take care of all your needs.  Water birth (or water labor) is wonderful in our specially-designed jetted tubs.  All necessary equipment and medications are there for safety, of course, and all supplies and towels are provided by the facility.  You can be fully pampered, safely cared for, and fully in control while birthing at the birth center.

The birth center option is particularly good if you prefer a dedicated birthing facility but don't want a hospital, or if you want an out-of-hospital birth but don't feel comfortable at home.  It's also great if you'd like a home birth, but your home is not conducive to your plan (for example, if you live with other people whom you don't want present at your delivery).  The birth center also works well for our many clients who come from out of state to deliver with us.

We also deliver at your home.  There is really nothing like being in your own space, your own bed. With this option the midwife comes to you, bringing all necessary equipment with her.  Water birth (or water labor) is available either in your own tub or in our portable birthing tub that can be set up anywhere in your home.  This option is excellent for families who want their children to be present for the birth (or right after), and for mothers who deliver very quickly.  Our home birth packages include a birth kit with the supplies you'll need for the birth, as well as our famous towel service (no mess and no laundry for you!).

Who do you want to provide your care?
Our midwives work in small, tightly integrated teams to provide you our world class personal service.  Each midwife will get to know you, consult with you and her team members about any special issues in your care, and work to make your birth a great experience for you.  BetterBirth is also a premier clinical training site for midwives, and our students come from all over the United States and Canada to learn from our team.  You can choose to receive your hands-on care directly from our exceptional midwives (the Midwife Program) or from our students under the supervision of our midwives (the Student Program).

How do the Midwife and Student Programs differ?

With both programs you get excellent care.  Both programs include the same services.  However, there are some important differences:

Midwife ProgramStudent Program
Hands-On Care

The midwives on your team primarily perform the hands-on activities required during your care (such as vaginal exams, delivering the baby, stitching if necessary).  Student midwives assist the midwives at appointments and at your birth.

Our student midwives primarily perform the hands-on activities required during your care (including vaginal exams, delivering the baby, suturing if necessary), always under the close, in-person supervision of a midwife on your team.  Vaginal exams are done twice, once by the student and once by the midwife, to ensure each assessment is correct.

Contacting the Midwife

When you call with a question, complication, or to inform us you are in labor, your call is routed directly to a midwife on your team.

When you call with a question, complication, or to inform us you are in labor, your call is routed to one of our student midwives who will then conference in the midwife so the three of you can discuss things together.

Learning Experience

While your midwives are happy to explain anything you want during your care, they will not automatically explain things from the point of view of teaching a student midwife how to perform a skill.

The supervising midwife will often be teaching and explaining to the student how to perform a skill using you as a model.  She will often describe what to look for, what to feel for, how to recognize and correct problems, etc.  Many moms really enjoy learning along with the student.

Getting to Know You
We expect your team of midwives to remain constant throughout your care, so you will get to know them well, and one or more of your team will attend your birth. Only in an emergency would you have a midwife at your birth whom you do not know.
Student midwives come for varying lengths of time, usually three to four weeks.  You will meet many more students than midwives during your care, and because it is possible that a student may arrive shortly before you deliver, you may or may not have met the students at your delivery.
Home Birth
Home birth is available with this program.

At the request of our clients, home birth is now available with this program!


This program is more expensive.

This program is less expensive.

Unassisted Birth (Freebirth)

Unassisted birth, or freebirth, is intentionally birthing with no professional assistance, and we recognize you have the right to choose this method of birth.  One of our midwives chose unassisted birth with one of her babies, so we really do understand.  We know many unassisted birthers face judgment, derision, and a refusal to help from birth professionals.  Parents who choose this option take full responsibility for their birth, but that doesn't mean you don't want some pregnancy or postpartum services, and we are happy to provide them.  Visit our Prices page to see what services are available, and our Classes page for training you may want to take advantage of. ‚Äč

"I loved my experience with your staff and students.  Everyone was especially wonderful during my birthing time.  Please know how much we value how you go above and beyond to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.  We have loved getting to know you all and appreciate the work you do."

-J, A, and J