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"Loved the CPR class!  I'm so glad to know what to do if my baby stops breathing or worse.  Sure, I'll probably forget some small details, but at least I won't be standing by helplessly, waiting for the 911 dispatcher to get someone who does know to me.  I feel confident I can save my child's life (or anyone else's) if I should ever be presented with such a situation."

- SS July 2016

Childbirth University Classes

We have many classes available to help you learn all you need to know about having your baby and creating or strengthening a happy, healthy family.  

Note:  These classes are offered to the general public.

You do not have to be a client of BetterBirth to take them.

You must register at least 24 hours in advance for all classes.

Curtis Method Childbirth Preparation

Curtis Method Childbirth Preparation classes are an updated, evidence-based approach to birth hypnosis, providing comprehensive education and resources for a positive childbirth experience.  A 170-page Curtis Method live-instruction workbook combined with online homework resources are used interactively as part of the 15 hour class series: full of affirmations, inspiring Curtis Method videos and birth stories, writing activities, mindfulness practice, birth preference worksheets, educational articles, and other “tools for success”.  We have also produced original hypnosis scripts, guided relaxation recordings, and music tracks that cover pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, postpartum and beyond.

Series Length: 5 weeks

Instructor: Lauralyn Curtis (801) 358-1448  lauralyn@hypnobirthingutah.com (please include your full name and phone number when emailing)

How to Register:  http://www.hypnobirthingutah.com/signup/

Cost: Public: $235   BetterBirth Clients (25% off): $176.25​

Dads Matter
This class is for fathers (or fathers-to-be) and father figures only (sorry, moms).  It is a research-based parenting course utilizing the Fathering with Love and Logic™approach.  You will learn how to:

  • Put an end to arguing, back talk, and begging
  • Teach responsibility without losing your child's love
  • Avoid power struggles
  • Teach your children to complete chores without reminders or pay

Food is provided at each session, and incentives are provided dependent on attendance.

Series Length: 5 weeks
How to Register: http://www.healthyrelationshipsutah.org/class_descriptions/fatherhood-description (then click county and find course by date)

Cost: FREE​​