"I will always be grateful for the time I spent in your program. It was eye-opening and extremely influential in my beliefs about the way I want to practice.  I feel truly connected and supported by you all and am overwhelmed at the lengths you went to help me succeed.  You are an irreplaceable asset to midwifery education and an asset to the community.  Thank You!"

- LS February 2015

Learn, learn, learn.

Clinical Placement Dates

The dates we are offering Workshops and clinical placement terms are listed below.



Midwife Clinical Placement Terms (AUS & PUS)

4/2 - 4/22 (3wk)
4/23 - 5/20 (4wk)
5/21 - 6/10 (3wk)
6/11 - 7/1 (3wk)
7/2 - 7/29 (4wk)
7/30 - 8/26 (4wk)
8/27 - 9/16 (3wk)
9/17 - 10/14 (4wk)
10/15 - 11/3 (3wk)
11/4 - 12/2 (4wk)
12/3 - 12/23 (3wk)
12/24 - 1/13/19 (4wk)

Doula Placement Terms
If you are interested in a Doula Placement, please contact us by e-mail (thebirthprofessionals@betterbirth.com).

How to Reserve a Placement
To reserve a Workshop or midwife or doula placement:

  1. E-mail thebirthprofessionals@betterbirth.com to find out if the dates you want are available.
  2. Submit an application: Workshop/Midwifery Placement Application or Doula Placement Application

Your reservation will be confirmed by e-mail.

The Waiting List

If the placement you are seeking is not available, we will try to find another for you, or you may request to be placed on our waiting list and we will notify you when a placement is available.  If we notify you from the waiting list, you will have a limited time to accept the placement.  You need only add yourself to the waiting list once.

FAQ about BetterBirth University

We have completed the reorganization of our student program and we are