Harmony Maloney, CPM LDEM
Harmony  was born and raised in California. Her mom is a long time doula and childbirth educator who introduced her to home birth when she was very young. Harmony discovered her love of midwifery growing up in a residential facility for pregnant single moms.  She is a DONA certified birth doula and placenta encapsulation specialist.  She trained under 10 midwives (including  at BetterBirth) and did her academics at Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery.  She finds passion in empowering women to trust their bodies and birth naturally. 

Danielle Demeter, CNM
Danielle is a certified nurse-midwife with a passion for out-of-hospital birth.  She has worked in-hospital also, but is happy now to be delivering exclusively in our birth centers.  She also works with Dr. Stephanie Singer at Park City Gynecology, and provides full-scope gynecologic care for clients wiling to make the trip to beautiful Park City.

Trinette Thompson, CPM LDEM
Trinette received her midwifery training and graduated from Midwives College of Utah. She remains active in special projects for the college. Trinette is an extraordinarily compassionate and attentive midwife, with a specialty in herbal and homeopathic modalities. All of her children were homeborn.

"I was thrilled with the care I received throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. The appointments were fast yet thorough and when I got sick or had questions the midwife on call was always very attentive and helpful. The midwives were great listeners and supportive and helped me through an emotionally difficult pregnancy.  I loved that the midwives were as hands on or hands off as the situation required in my labor because they knew me so well by the end of my pregnancy."

- McCulloch February 2014

Confused by all those letters after our midwives' names?  Click here for a quick explanation.

Suzanne Smith, CPM LDEM
Suzanne holds Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Midwifery from the Midwives College of Utah, a Bachelor's degree in Human Biology from Stanford University, and was the first licensed direct-entry midwife in Utah.  She founded BetterBirth in 1994.  Suzanne habla español.


Carrie Ann Kemp (carrie@betterbirth.com)
Carrie Ann wears many hats here at BetterBirth.  In addition to her midwifery skills, she is a paramedic (worked on Life Flight and in the emergency room for several years), and she helps us with many clinical procedures.  She is a CPR instructor and skills instructor for our student workshops, and is our Student Program Director.  She is the person to contact if you have any financial questions or issues.  If you need something, start with Carrie Ann.  Odds are, she's in charge of it.

Our midwives

"Midwife" means "with woman" and our midwives are just that, working with women to achieve wonderful, empowering births.

Our midwives work in very small, tightly-integrated teams to provide your care, a concept we call Team Midwifery.  You'll get to know us just as you would a small circle of friends.  There are many advantages of Team Midwifery over single-midwife care, but the most important is that through it, we can provide you with exceptionally warm and personal care while bringing many resources you would not have with a single midwife.

Main Team

Spanish-Speaking Team

Traveling Team

(Elko & Others)

  • Trinette Thompson, CPM LDEM
  • Katia L'Ecuyer, CPM LDEM
  • Harmony Maloney, CPM LDEM
  • Katia L'Ecuyer, CPM LDEM
  • Suzanne Smith, CPM LDEM
  • Suzanne Smith, CPM LDEM

Special Team

  • Danielle Demeter, CNM

Katia L'Ecuyer, CPM LDEM
Katia graduated from Midwives College of Utah and did much of her training with us in 2007-2008.  Katia strives to provide kind and compassionate care to women and their families and believes it's an honor to serve women in the childbearing year.  She is originally from Quebec, Canada.  She speaks fluent French, English and Spanish; and loves to serve families from around the world.

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