"To the best midwifery practice this side of the Mississippi.  F’s birth was stunningly perfect.  Love you women."

- H, A, & F B

Will it cover?


​Most of our services are covered by insurance.  However, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has changed things considerably in the insurance world, and it can be difficult to understand your coverage and what you can expect.  We offer classes to help you understand how insurance works, and because every insurance plan is different, we offer verification of benefits at no charge and we are happy to correspond by e-mail (carrie@betterbirth.com) to explore the details specific to you.

Many clients find our cash/pre-pay fees are lower than their out-of-pocket costs when they use their insurance for a hospital birth.  Our cost calculator can help you estimate of how much you will pay if you use your insurance at the hospital.  You may be very surprised!  We'll help you figure that out and find the best route for you.  If your insurance will not cover our services or if you don't have insurance, you may be interested in our customized payment arrangements.  Just ask and we'll be happy to show you how affordable the birth of your dreams can be.

Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts

We accept Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account payments.  If your account offers a credit card payment option, we will simply run the card at our office.  If you are required to submit receipts for reimbursement, let us know and we will ensure the proper codes are on the receipt.  Most payers requiring receipts will not accept them until after the birth, so you will have to pay us first and be reimbursed by your company afterwards.  However, we have never seen reimbursement from an HSA or FSA be denied.