Employment with Us

At BetterBirth we're a family.  And as such we don't hire, we adopt.  When we find people of amazing talent who really get our mission and how we pursue it, who fit into our team like they've been here forever, we want to make them part of our family.  We don't always have positions or the necessary resources available, but if you feel like you belong here, we'd like to hear from you.

These are some of the positions we have here at BetterBirth, and what we look for:


Job Responsibilities

Provide outstanding personal prenatal, delivery, and postpartum care to our fabulous clients.  Participate on our team and contribute to development of the practice.  Teach and mentor student midwives in both the classroom and clinical setting.


  • Certified Professional Midwife or Certified Nurse-Midwife
  • If a CPM, have taken or be willing to take an obstetrical pharmacology course which qualifies a CPM for licensure under Utah Law
  • Current Adult and Infant CPR and NRP certifications
  • Exceptional midwifery skills
  • Desire to work within the BetterBirth system (particularly using the team midwifery concept)
  • Desire to practice in both the home and birth center settings
  • License to practice midwifery in Utah within 1 month of start date
  • Willingness to be on call as scheduled, and to fill in as necessary at other times


  • 1-2+ years experience
  • Any medical background (such as EMT, Paramedic, nursing)


  • Depends on experience. We pay midwives a base amount per month plus hourly for teaching and client care.

Facility Staff

Job Responsibilities
Provide non-medical care to our fabulous clients shortly after birth until they leave the center.  Clean our facilities both after births and on a routine basis to our very exacting standards.  Attend weekly staff meetings and contribute ideas and enthusiasm to the team.


  • Desire to attend to the needs of mothers and babies right after birth
  • Love of order and cleanliness
  • Willingness to travel to any of our centers
  • Reliable transportation
  • Reliable cell phone and willingness to answer it
  • Desire to clean according to BetterBirth methods and standards
  • Desire to be part of our team


  • Flexible availability


  • Hours are irregular and depend on your availability as well as when deliveries occur.  Compensation is in three parts:  1) Hourly pay for being on call, 2) Hourly pay for working, and 3) Mileage reimbursement.


If you're interested, submit a cover letter and resume to Suzanne Smith (suzanne@betterbirth.com), or call us at 801-225-5668.

"I work with the most amazing people on the planet.  We are so close, we have so much fun.   BetterBirth is my happy place."

- Suzanne Smith

Owner, BetterBirth

Want to join us?