Our Birth Centers

Our birth centers are beautiful, peaceful, low cost, and safe places to have your baby.

Why give birth at the birth center?

  1. Beautifully furnished birthing rooms
  2. Jetted birthing tubs
  3. Queen-sized beds
  4. Fully stocked and accessible kitchens
  5. Birthing balls, birth stools, and other equipment to help you give birth naturally 
  • If you want a drug-free birth, you're much more likely to get it at one of our birth centers than at any hospital.
  • There are no facility policies to get around at BetterBirth.  Don't want an IV?  No problem.  Trying for a vaginal birth after cesarean?  No problem.  Past your due date?  No problem.  There are no routine interventions mandated by the facility.  You and your midwife make the decisions about what is appropriate for you, your baby, and your birth.
  • At BetterBirth, your midwife will attend you for your entire labor.  Many women are surprised when they go to a hospital for their delivery and they don't see their doctor until the last few minutes.  Most care is provided by nursing staff you've never met before.  At BetterBirth, your midwife will meet you at the facility when you arrive and care for you until you are stable postpartum.
  • Planning on bringing family & friends?  Our cozy fireplace-lit waiting areas have plenty of seating.  Our movie collection (and toys for kids) will help keep them entertained if they are not in the birth room with you.
  • No one will take your baby away!  Our birth centers do not have a nursery, so you and your baby will never be separated.  All care for your baby is provided right in your room by your midwife.
  • While there is plenty of safety equipment available (like fetal monitors, IVs and oxygen), you'll never know it's there unless you need it.

What is the cost?
The fee for use of the birth center is included in BetterBirth's maternity care packages.    It may be much more affordable to deliver at our birth center paying cash than to use your insurance at the hospital.  See how.

Can I See It?
We would be glad to show you around and answer all your questions.  Tours are offered by appointment. Just call (801) 225-5668.  Be sure to specify which location you'd like to see.

"We applaud you for the beautiful space you’ve created for each family’s sacred birth experiences."

- The R Family

The perfect Place