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what kind of birth are you dreaming of?

Childbirth is special.  It should be safe, peaceful, beautiful, empowering.  Let us help you make your birth exactly the experience you want it to be. (Watch video below for an example.)


 After 25 wonderful years of providing midwifery care, Suzanne Smith, founder of BetterBirth, has retired.  As a result, our midwifery practice is now closed.  Our midwives have moved on to other practices.  Two of our birth centers have been taken over by other midwifery practices and we are referring clients who wish to have home or birth center delivery to them.  They are:

Two Leaves Midwifery 801-225-5668 in Orem

Beautiful Mountain Midwifery 801-252-6243  in West Jordan

We are also referring clients to Katia L'Ecuyer (formerly a midwife at BetterBirth) at Innate Midwifery  (888) 755-7155 who, in addition to home births, delivers at birth centers in Orem and West Jordan.