"Thank you each for your time and care during our pregnancy.  You all just reaffirm our love for midwives and their philosophies and care practices.  I appreciate the time you took to answer any questions and validate my feelings.  Your help at our beautiful birth and help in answering our concerns at our 2-day appointment were much appreciated. Thank you for your great care!!"

- LH & Family February 2012

Traveling Clinic

There are so many great things about living in the west, including wide open spaces.  When you are expecting a baby, however, that can make getting great maternity care a challenge.  We believe every woman deserves outstanding prenatal care and a fantastic delivery.  We have created our Traveling Clinic to make that possible for women who would otherwise have to travel great distances for their appointments.

Prenatal Care

We come to you when you use our Traveling Clinic for prenatal and postpartum care.  Depending on your location, we may do the visits at your home, in an office, or at another location convenient to you.  Naturally, appointment times are limited to when we are in town, but we try to arrange our trips so that we can see you for all the prenatal visits you will need during your pregnancy.  Between visits, you have access to our midwives 24/7 via our hotline.  If you have an urgent care need, call the hotline.  We will either arrange for you to come in to one of our clinics for an after-hours visit or refer you to a local clinic, urgent care, or emergency room.  If any prescriptions are necessary, they can be called in to your local pharmacy.


Our amazing sonographer travels with us to some locations to provide medical ultrasound exams for an incredible price.  If not to yours, he is still available at our clinics.  Contact us to find out if we provide ultrasounds in your area.

Birth Care

Because clients using our Traveling Clinic have so many different needs, we offer many birth options.

We have partnered with an ob/gyn who will deliver mothers at either St. Marks Hospital or LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City.  If you choose this option, we will give you instructions for arranging delivery at the hospital and will make sure the doctor has your records for labor.

If you prefer to deliver at another hospital, we will fax your records to that hospital for your labor.  We recommend you make arrangements with the provider who will deliver you, and we will help you do that if you would like.

We would love to pamper you and give you the birth of your dreams at one of our birth centers!  You can choose either our Student Program or Midwife Program when birthing with us.  When it's time for delivery, you may choose to drive directly to the center when labor begins, or you may wish to stay in our local accommodations (see below) for a period of time to await labor.

If you choose to birth with us, whether at the hospital or at one of our birth centers, we will provide a doula for your labor.  What's a doula?  A doula is a trained person who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and just after birth.  She is a type of labor coach. She might provide massage or counter-pressure, suggest positions that would be more comfortable, and help keep you encouraged and focused.  Studies have shown that when doulas attend birth, labors are shorter with fewer complications, there is less likelihood of needing forceps, vacuum, or cesarean delivery, mothers are less likely to need an epidural or other type of anesthesia/analgesia during labor, and mothers are more satisfied with their birth experience.  We provide doula service at no extra charge.  Of course, if you prefer not to have a doula, it is not required.

Local Accommodations

If you will be traveling in to one of our birth centers or a hospital in Salt Lake City, we can help with housing. The price for the accommodations is approximately $270-$350 per week.  Please contact us for more information.  If you are birthing at one of our birth centers, we recommend you stay for at least 48 hours after delivery, since there are postpartum visits and procedures that need to be done during that time.

Postpartum Care

If you are delivering at a hospital, all the necessary immediate postpartum procedures will be done before you are discharged.  If you are delivering at our birth center, we need to see both mother and baby approximately 24-48 hours after delivery, and we recommend you stay in town until then.  After that, we recommend you have additional visits at about 2 and 5 weeks postpartum.  You can do these via our Traveling Clinic in your local area.


If you are planning to birth in hospital, you will only need prenatal and postpartum care with BetterBirth, so we recommend you select our Prenatal Care Only service, where you pay as you go for each visit and other service, such as lab tests.  If you later decide to birth with us, we will apply everything you have paid to one of our full maternity care packages.  Both our Student Program and Midwife Program packages are available for those choosing to birth at our birth centers.  Please see our Services page for more information.

We strive to make our care available to every woman who wants it.  Many clients are amazed to find the cost of our services are much lower than other options, especially if you want to birth in our birth center.  If you have insurance, please talk with us about what you might expect to pay given the specific deductible and co-pay on your policy.  You may find it is more expensive to use your insurance than to pay us cash.

We accept most insurance for care and birth in our birth centers, as do our ob/gyn in Salt Lake City and the hospitals.  We regret that we cannot accept Medicaid for any of our prenatal care or birth center services, however we do offer discounts on our full maternity care packages if you qualify for Medicaid.  Our partner ob/gyn accepts Medicaid for delivery, and both LDS and St. Marks Hospitals accept Medicaid for their charges, as do most other hospitals.  Be aware that if you are planning to use Medicaid from outside of Utah, you may have to pre-authorize services.  Please contact your local Medicaid office.

We accept Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards and all major credit cards.

Where does the Traveling Clinic go?

Currently, our Traveling Clinic is suspended.  If you are interested in having our Traveling Clinic go to your area, please let us know!

We  come to you!