"Each of you has a unique gift to bring women through the pinnacle experience of the female body. Each of you just in your presence, gave me peace and confidence, and helped me trust myself and my baby to have a beautiful birth."

Thankfully, NG

"Your professional yet informal style made us feel completely at ease.  As though we had just had some friends over.  We were honored to have you with us as our son was born into the world."

- MP January 2004

What is team midwifery?

Team midwifery is a concept we developed to provide you with the very best care possible while preserving that personal sense of really knowing your care providers, and having them know you.  Our midwifery teams consist of very small, tightly integrated teams of two to four midwives who together will coordinate and provide your care throughout your pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum time with us.  Think of it as receiving your maternity care from a small circle of friends.​

What's so great about Team Midwifery?
​Team Midwifery offers several benefits:

More Expertise
Every midwife has her special expertise.  Ever heard the expression "two heads are better than one?"  It's true!  With Team Midwifery multiple midwives bring their unique knowledge and skills to your care, rather than just one.  We have developed special tools so each team member can easily consult with the others if any kind of tricky issue arises during your care.  Want a second opinion?  It's built right in!

Better Back-up
Midwives sometimes experience two births at the same time, they get sick, they go on vacation, they get stuck in traffic, etc.  If you only have one midwife you may never meet the backup midwife who will fill in for her in these cases.

With Team Midwifery your team of midwives are tightly coordinated and all of them will care for you throughout your time with us.  You will get to know them well.  Because each member of the team provides backup for the others, it's extremely unlikely you would be attended by a midwife you don't already know and feel very comfortable with.

Easier Access
When you have a question, health emergency, or are in labor, it can be disconcerting not to reach your care provider immediately.  With Team Midwifery you'll have a single phone number to reach your team, and our communications system will automatically route your call to the midwife taking calls.  Even in the rare case that a technical difficulty prevents you from connecting with her, you will be able to directly contact any other member of the team.  Help is always just a phone call away, 24/7.

What Team Midwifery is Not
Team Midwifery is not "midwifery roulette," where your group of care providers is so large that you only get to meet each person once, and you may not even know the person who shows up to deliver your baby.  Our teams are designed to be small, intimate, and friendly.  You'll know each of your midwives well by the big day, and they will know you.​

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