Resources for Parents

When you're having a baby there is so much to know, and we want to be a great source of information for you.  Enjoy the topics we have collected here.  As always, please ask your midwife about anything you're wondering about.


Cost Calculator
Find out how much you'll pay out-of-pocket if you use your insurance at a hospital. The answer may surprise you!

Childbirth Classes
We strongly encourage you to attend a childbirth preparation class during your pregnancy.  A childbirth class will help you consider what options you might or might not want for your birth, and will prepare you for the birthing experience.  Many childbirth methods will teach you relaxation techniques that are the foundation to natural pain control.  There are several methods of childbirth preparation, and some classes are independent of a particular method.  While we have found the hypnosis methods (particularly HypnoBabies) to be extremely effective, we recommend you investigate all of them and find the one that is best for you.

Are You Rh Negative?
If your blood type is Rh negative (that is, O-, A-, B-, or AB-), there are some extra steps we need to take to manage your pregnancy and keep your baby safe.

Beta Strep
Group B Strep is an infection about one quarter of all women carry, but they have no symptoms or problems because of it.  However, the baby can be infected during the birth process and become seriously ill or die. Learn about it here.

Is My Baby OK?
One way to check on the health of your baby is to count his or her movements and track this information over time.  You can start at 35 weeks of pregnancy and use this form to record your observations.

Kegels are an exercise designed to tone the pelvic floor.

Posterior Babies
Most babies are born facing the mother's back.  When they present facing front ("sunny side up"), it can cause complications.  Learn how to rotate a posterior baby before labor here.

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean
Thinking about birthing vaginally after having had a cesarean section?  The International Cesarean Awareness Network is a great source of information.

Labor and Delivery

Contrary to popular belief, the hospital is not the safest place for normal healthy women to have their babies. 

Safety of Out-of-Hospital Birth and Midwives (CPM 2000 Study)
This study is the largest ever done on home birth, and specifically studied Certified Professional Midwives.

Benefits of Out-of-Hospital Birth
This article discusses many benefits of delivering out-of-hospital, and includes safety data specific to Utah.

Natural Birth

Why natural birth is so difficult in a hospital, and easier out-of-hospital.

Water Birth
Why birthing in water is gaining acceptance the world over.

Doulas are professional labor support people. You can learn all about them here.


After You Have the Baby - General Information
What you need to know right after you've had the baby

Breastfeeding Information and Support
Breastfeeding is wonderful for you and your baby, but sometimes it can be a challenge.  Find information and support here.

Postpartum Depression

Not everyone is blissfully happy after having a baby.  Postpartum depression is uncommon in our practice, but if it's affecting you, get help here.


Why don't babies come with an instruction manual?  It would be so much easier...

Birth Certificate
Once we file the birth certificate for your baby you can get a copy from the state here.

General Information
Learn what to expect in those first days, and how to care for your newborn.

Vitamin K for Newborns
Vitamin K is given to newborns to prevent a bleeding disorder.  Find out more here.

Newborn Blood Screening
This test screens for more than three dozen different diseases your newborn could have.

Eye Ointment
Eye ointment is routinely placed in babies’ eyes at birth.  But does your baby need it?

Selecting a Pediatrician

Finding a doctor you feel comfortable with can be hard.  Get advice and our recommendations here.

The more you know, the better

"Today I had the most wonderful birthing experience of my life!!!! Seriously, I have never felt more comforted or cared for while in labor and during delivery!  My experience here was BEYOND exceptional and my midwives (and students) made me feel like a person and not a patient!  I loved them all so so so so much, they're so helpful, knowledgeable, kind and loving!!  I can't believe how well today went!  If I ever have another baby, this is definitely the place for me and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a more personal, calm, and natural birth!!!"

- Stratton December 2013