Payment Plans

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Insurance vs. Self-Pay

 When you are paying for your services yourself,  we require an initial payment of $500  which is due by the first prenatal visit after the initial consultation.  After that we divide the balance into even payments and send you a monthly bill online.  You can choose whether you would like us to bill you on the 1st of the month (due by the 5th), or on the 15th (due by the 20th).  We require full payment by 36 weeks (four weeks prior to your due date).  We accept cash, checks, all major credit cards and Health Savings Account (HSA)  and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards.   Because you are paying in advance and we are avoiding collection issues, we bundle our services together and give you a huge pre-pay discount.  All the prices you see on our website are the "pre-pay discount" prices.  If you are seeing us for prenatal care only, payment for each visit , product, or service (such as labs) is due at time of service.

We do bill insurance.  We will verify your benefits when you start care, but we cannot bill the insurance until after the delivery.  Because the insurance does not pay in advance, and because it costs us considerable time and money to prepare and follow-up on claims, we bill the insurance company our full rates, not the pre-pay discount rates.  As a protective measure, we require you to pay an Insurance Billing Deposit equal to the pre-pay discount price of the services you request.  You must pay this deposit according to the pre-pay schedule.  When the insurance claims are paid, we refund the Insurance Billing Deposit to the extent it was reimbursed by your insurance.

If that Doesn't Work for You

Whether you have insurance or not, if you are having trouble meeting our payment milestones, please contact our office as soon as possible.  We will try to work out a payment arrangement that does work for you.  The earlier you contact us, the greater flexibility we have in helping.  Please contact for assistance.‚Äč

"One of the best things was that we knew exactly what it was going to cost, and the entire thing was paid for before labor began. I never spent a moment of labor worrying about bills coming in the mail for months afterwards, or about never knowing what the total would be or when a bill was the last one.  That happened with our last birth at the hospital and we hated it."

- JG 2016

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