"Thank you so much for having me at BetterBirth this month.  It was so much fun getting to learn from all of the amazing midwives in your practice.  You have a really special thing going here in Utah, and I’m grateful that I got to be a part of it, and I learned a ton!"

- SH


Local students are expected to live at their usual residence during their Workshops or clinical placement.  Limited housing (including kitchen facilities) is available for students from out-of-town on a first-come, first-served basis at no charge.  Bedrooms are shared between two or three students.  Due to the shared sleeping space, male students are not eligible for on-site housing.

If all available on-site housing has already been reserved, out-of-town students must arrange for their own housing.  We are happy to assist you.  You may want to consider staying at Silver Mountain Suites in Provo.  Be sure to check with them about lower rates for longer stays that may not be listed on their website.  There is no tuition discount when you live at home or arrange your own off-site housing.

FAQ about BetterBirth University

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