Free Consultation

Would you like a tour of our facility?  Would you like to meet with one of our midwives to see if BetterBirth is a good match for you?  Do you have questions about your various options and what might be best for you?  Come and ask away!  We're happy to meet with you and answer all your questions at a free, one-hour initial consultation.

The Free Consultation is not a full-court-press sales pitch.  It is truly a chance to find your own answers. We want you to have the best possible birth, whether we are a part of it or not.  If you have risk factors that make our services inappropriate for you, we’ll tell you straight up.  If we aren’t going to be able to provide the kind of birth you’re looking for, we’ll be straight about that too.  We’ll even do our best to refer you to someone we think can provide that for you if we cannot.

To request a Free Consultation, call us at 801-225-5668. If the phone is busy, feel free to leave a message and include which facility you would like to go to for your consultation and tour.

Yep.  Free.

"Thank you so much for your services at BetterBirth!  We will definitely use you again!!  Thank you very much!!"

-B, J, and B B