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Faq about Special Risks

I'm Rh negative.  Will you take me?  Can I get RhoGAM?
Yes, and yes.  We will perform lab tests to check your sensitization status and administer RhoGAM as appropriate.  For more information, see our resource on Rh- and RhoGAM.

What if I'm beta strep positive (GBS+)?
We can care for you.  Please see our resource on Group B Strep for detailed information on this bacteria. We have several options available to you (including IV antibiotics) to deal with this situation.

What if I have had a prior cesarean section?  Can I do a VBAC?
Yes, we can help you have a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) as long as your incision was low transverse ("bikini type") and you meet certain other risk criteria.  The vast majority of women seeking VBAC meet this criteria.  Be sure to discuss this with the midwife during your initial consultation appointment.

What if the baby is breech?
Breech deliveries are riskier than vertex (head first).  We will check the baby’s position at every prenatal visit during your last two months.  If your baby turns breech, we will do everything we can to return it to a head-down position.  For example, we will give you various exercises and techniques you can use to help encourage the baby to turn.  If the baby is still breech by 36 weeks, we will seek a consultation and ultrasound and see if the baby can be turned in what is called an “external version.”  In a version, the baby is manipulated from the outside of your belly and turned into the head-down position.  If even that is unsuccessful, then we must transfer your care to another provider.

Do you do twins?

Twins are higher risk than a singleton pregnancy and delivery, and we do not knowingly deliver them out-of-hospital.

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