Faq about our practice

How do I get started?
First, schedule a free consultation appointment to ask any questions and make sure you feel comfortable with us and our services.  If you’re not sure you want an appointment just yet, call us to ask questions and get any information you need.  You may want to read about our midwives and you may want to compare our Midwife Program with our Student Program to determine which will be best for you.

What if I'm not sure?
If you are not sure out-of-hospital birth with BetterBirth is for you, we suggest you keep learning, thinking, exploring.  If safety is a concern, try our links and search the internet on your own for more information. Discuss your options with your partner if you have one, or if not, with a close friend or relative you trust.  It is important you feel comfortable with your birth choices.  You only get to have this baby once, and we want you to have the very best birth you possibly can, whether or not we are a part of it.  If we can help you, please call, e-mail, or come in to talk with us at a free consultation appointment.  We welcome all your questions and will help you find the answer that works for you.

You may want to sign up for prenatal care only until you are sure what you want.  If you later decide to birth with us, we will apply everything you have paid to a complete maternity care package.  If you decide to birth in hospital, we will provide a doula at no extra cost if you want one.

Will I have one midwife or do midwives rotate call?
Our midwives work in small teams, a concept we call Team Midwifery.  You will get to know your small group of midwives, and they will know you.  One of them will attend your delivery, or if you have chosen the Student Program, one of them will supervise the student managing your birth.  Our teams are not like "midwife roulette," where any one of several providers you barely know will show up to deliver your baby.

Will my whole team of midwives attend my birth?
No, only one or possibly two midwives on your team will attend your delivery unless your labor is very long.  In this case another member of your team may take over for the first so you always have a fresh midwife managing your birth.

How will I meet the midwives on my team?
We will rotate your prenatal visits so you have some with each midwife, but that's not the only contact you will have with your team.  When you have questions you can call in and talk to your midwives, and we will follow up with you.  You may also meet the midwives on your team through consultations about any problems you might be having during your care.

Will I have to repeat myself?
No.  Each member of your team will communicate with the others any important issues regarding your care so you only have to ask questions, express concerns, or make arrangements once.

Who do I call if I am in labor or need help?
Call your team's hotline number which we will provide to you.  This system will automatically route your call directly to the midwife on your team who can help you, or to the student on call if you select the Student Program.

How do I reach the midwife?
Our midwives and students are available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you can call anytime.

What happens if my midwives are on vacation, sick, or attending other women in labor when I deliver?
One of the purposes of our Team Midwifery concept is to always have available to you a midwife on your team, a midwife you know well.  In the extremely rare case that you need a midwife and none of your team is available, we will provide another equally qualified midwife to assist you. 

Can I deliver at home?
Yes!  We generally deliver in homes in Utah, Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, and Morgan counties, but sometimes we travel to Tooele, Summit and Wasatch counties.  See our map or contact us to find out if your home is in range.

Can I deliver in a birthing center?
Yes!  We deliver at our birth centers in several convenient cities.  Come in for a tour!

Can I deliver in a hospital?
Yes!  The midwives of BetterBirth deliver only at home or in our birth centers, however we have partnered with an ob-gyn who delivers at St. Marks and LDS Hospitals in Salt Lake City.  You can do prenatal care with your team of midwives, and we will arrange for your hospital delivery with the doctor.  We will also make sure your records get to the doctor and hospital before labor. Of course, if we transfer you from home or the birth center to the hospital during labor, the midwife will accompany you, but the receiving obstetrician will assume responsibility for your care.  When you choose hospital delivery, we also provide a doula at no additional cost.

How do I deal with family members who are hostile to my birth plans?
This is a tough question because each family is different.  Your family members are welcome to come with you to your appointments and talk over any concerns with the midwife.  Often this puts fears to rest.  Some clients choose not to tell their family or friends the specifics about their birth plans until after the birth is done.  But ultimately, you know your family best, and therefore know best how to interact with them on this topic.

Will I get a birth certificate for my baby?
Yes.  BetterBirth will file a birth certificate with the State of Utah just like any hospital or other provider.  Once filed, you can order a copy online or purchase one in person at your local Utah health department.

Will I get a social security card for my baby?
Yes.  If you check the appropriate box on your birth certificate worksheet, a request for a social security card will be filed and the card will come to you automatically in the mail.

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We have answers.

"When I was in labor with my daughter I felt so comfortable with the room I was in and with the midwives comforting me.  I couldn't have done it without them.  I've had a hospital birth as well and after my experience here I will never give birth in a hospital again.  I was able to eat and drink during labor, I had such an easy and fast recovery, and I was even able to go home the same day I had my daughter at the birthing center!  I highly recommend this place.  And for anyone who has a phobia with needles like me, go to Carrie Ann. She's awesome!"

- McArthur November 2013