Heather Johnston started BirthWise Maternity Care in 1996 and provided outstanding care to the women of Layton and the surrounding areas for many years.  In June of 2017 she completed her Certified Nurse-Midwife credential.  She took a job in another state and reluctantly left behind the wonderful community of women she served.  At Heather’s request, BetterBirth took over her birth center and we invite all BirthWise clients to come along with us to new heights of maternity care.   


Fortunately, Fara Bitter, LDEM whom Heather trained from her earliest student days, has joined BetterBirth to ensure BirthWise clients will continue to receive the amazing care they have come to expect.  We hope you'll also enjoy meeting our other midwives who all have extensive experience in natural out-of-hospital birth.  We believe the relationship with your midwives is very important, and can have a big impact on your birth.  It's so important to feel comfortable.  Trust should come easy.  We’ll become good friends through your pregnancy, and will laugh together often.

we want you!

We understand that any change during your pregnancy can be disconcerting.  Rest assured we will do everything we can to make your birth exactly what you want it to be.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make this transition easier for you.  We'll be so sad if you decide BetterBirth is not for you, but of course we understand and will be happy to facilitate your transition to another care provider.

"Thank you all for your personal kindness & care during my last three pregnancies & deliveries.  I have always felt very welcomed, loved, & respected in every aspect.  Thank you for meeting my needs and for taking such good care of me.  I will always recommend BetterBirth! Thank you!"

TF January 2015


All you need to do to receive your care from BetterBirth is to let us know you want to. Because we have taken over BirthWise's birth center, your appointments will be exactly where they have been