We see birth as a normal, healthy process, and we expect it to be so throughout your experience with us.  Most importantly, we believe you should be in control.  We’ll give you information and options, then support your decisions.  There are no “everyone has to...” policies here.  You’ll have your baby your way with BetterBirth.


Our midwives have extensive experience in natural out-of-hospital birth.  We believe the relationship with your midwives is very important, and can have a big impact on your birth.  It's so important to feel comfortable.  Trust should come easy.  We’ll become good friends through your pregnancy, and will laugh together often.


 After 25 wonderful years of providing midwifery care, Suzanne Smith, founder of BetterBirth, has retired.  As a result, our midwifery practice is now closed.  Our midwives have moved on to other practices.  Two of our birth centers have been taken over by other midwifery practices and we are referring clients who wish to have home or birth center delivery to them.  They are:

Two Leaves Midwifery 801-225-5668 in Orem

Beautiful Mountain Midwifery 801-252-6243  in West Jordan

We are also referring clients to Katia L'Ecuyer (formerly a midwife at BetterBirth) at Innate Midwifery  (801) 739-1315 who, in addition to home births, delivers at birth centers in Orem and West Jordan.

"There are a lot of things I like about BetterBirth but one of the things I love is that it is not operated like a doctor's office with a lot of sitting around.  In and out and on with my day.  If I bring my kids there's toys to keep them occupied and there was never a feeling that I was inconveniencing someone with the presence of a child."

Hightower January 2013

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There are so many little things you’ll love about BetterBirth.  Our office is child friendly with toys and books in every room, and children are always welcome at your appointments.  (Be prepared...they often complain about having to leave when they’re not finished playing yet!)  We schedule carefully so you’ll rarely sit down in our waiting room, and there is plenty of time to talk about questions and concerns or just chit-chat about whatever is going on for you.  We want you to be well-informed, so we offer educational e-mails each week of your pregnancy and postpartum period.  Our 24-hour hotline means you can reach a midwife anytime you need to, and urgent visits are always available.