What is telemidwifery?

Telemidwifery is using technology to meet with a midwife at a distance (such as from your home) rather than coming in to the office.  Telemidwifery is a service we offer to make your care more convenient.  Your telemidwifery visit can be conducted on almost any cloud-connected device, including smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.  You schedule it like you would any appointment, you receive reminders via our usual reminder system, and at the appointed time, we connect.  You can even launch it right from Google Calendar.

Not all visits can be conducted at a distance.  If we need to draw blood or perform certain physical examinations, telemidwifery is not appropriate.  But for some check-ups it works perfectly.  There's no need to pack up your kids, fight the traffic or the weather, or put your makeup on.

To participate in our telemidwifery service you will need to obtain:

  • a doppler with a speaker
  • a tape measure with centimeter increments
  • an electronic blood pressure cuff
  • a thermometer
  • a cloud-connected device that has a webcam

If we discover or suspect a complication during your telemidwifery visit, we may ask you to come in for further evaluation.

Telemidwifery visits are completely optional.  Let us know if you'd like to participate.

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"Each of you has a unique gift to bring women through the pinnacle experience of the female body. Each of you just in your presence, gave me peace and confidence, and helped me trust myself and my baby to have a beautiful birth."

Thankfully, NG

"Your professional yet informal style made us feel completely at ease.  As though we had just had some friends over.  We were honored to have you with us as our son was born into the world."

- MP January 2004